Day 24


Back to Advent Calendar December 24 Do something good and tell us! Do you remember, that there is a sweepstake hidden behind one of the days? Well surprise: On the last day of our Adventskalender we raffle three gift vouchers (50€, 30€ and 20€) from RWTH Shop! Since Christmas season is also the time to share with others and doing something good, we challenge you to share your charitable act! Post your picture/video of your personal good deed on Facebook or Instagram until 7th January with a description in German under the hashtags #intac_gutestun and tag us @RWTHInternationalAcademy (Facebook) or @rwthacademy (Instagram). Our Career Service Team views all posts and picks the best three ones. Have fun and enjoy doing something good! Merry Christmas to you and your [...]

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Day 23


Back to Advent Calendar December 23 Student Project Grant! Be Awarded through your Extracurricular Academic Engagement! The Student Project Grant was established to support RWTH International Academy students, who are avid learners and eager to go the extra mile during their studies. If you are currently enrolled in one of your Master’s degree programs and involved in field research, extracurricular research work, or project work (which does not count towards any credit for your studies), this grant may be just the reward for you. The Student Project Grant is an exclusive scholarship for RWTH International Academy students. You [...]

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Day 22


Back to Advent Calendar December 22 Our new office: AcademyIAM India Starting in the 1960s, RWTH Aachen University has fostered a long strategic partnership with India. The RWTH International Academy is looking forward to expanding this relationship by identifying talents and high potential opportunities to study, research and collaborate at RWTH. As a representative body located in the city of Pune, the AcademyIam India is the excellent path for in India located students to RWTH Aachen University. Let's have a look at personalities and stories behind the project:

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Day 21


Back to Advent Calendar December 21 Light Spectacle Since Christmas is in December, it is placed in the darkest season. So we love to light up houses, shops and sometimes also parks to feel more cozy. For more entertainment sometimes house walls are the scene of a whole story told by light! Have a look:

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Day 20


Back to Advent Calendar December 20 Adventskranz (Advent Wreath) In Germany a lot of households have an Advent Wreath. This is a wreath traditionally made of fir green hanging from the ceiling or standing on a table with four candles for the four sundays in Advent. On the first Advent the first candle is lit, on the second the second candle etc. so that on the fourth Advent all candles are lit. So what is this all about? As so often it’s a christian Christmas tradition: With its four candles, the advent wreath should point to the light [...]

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Day 19


Back to Advent Calendar December 19 Karlspreis The International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen is the oldest and best-known prize awarded for work done in the service of European unification. The prize is named for Charlemagne, the Frankish king revered by his contemporaries as the ‘Father of Europe’. The Charlemagne Prize honors exceptional work performed in the service of European unity. According to its bylaws, it is given to public figures or bodies ‘distinguished by their outstanding work toward European unity or cooperation between its states.’ The contribution, as Kurt Pfeiffer (one of the founders of the award) emphasized, [...]

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Day 18


Back to Advent Calendar December 18 German Christmas Fun Facts Germans are Christmas-crazy: Every year Germans buy 300 million Christmas Trees – if they were just for private households, there would be 7,5 in each of them - just imagine this... Most people wish for white Christmas, but it only snowed 4 times on christmas Eve in the last 30 years... - but hey, fingers crossed 😊 One quarter of German household eats potato salad with sausages as Christmas Eve dinner At around September most stores start to sell Christmas sweets – and Germans buy them. No wonder [...]

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Day 17


Back to Advent Calendar December 17 Our new Career Service 2020 was a curious year, especially when you were looking for more practical experience in a company. Next year everything will be hopefully better and we will be supporting you with your career path even more. So how are we going to help you? Career Webinars in May and June with our dear Career Coach Mustafa Toga! Topics e.g.: “Personal Branding”, “How to land your dream job” etc. Personal coaching: With our CV-Check we will guide you individually and you will have the opportunity to get an individual [...]

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Day 15


Back to Advent Calendar December 15 Learn German to boost your Career! Use our German Language Merit Scholarship – exclusive to International Academy Students RWTH International Academy actively supports students’ efforts towards learning German and rewards good performances accordingly. With this goal in mind, we set up our exclusive German Language Merit Scholarship (GLMS). During your studies with RWTH International Academy, we encourage you to take German language courses beyond the curricular requirement of your degree program. In this regard, you can get sponsored by us: under certain conditions, the costs for additional language courses can be fully [...]

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